Mod Links for IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946

What is SAS Modact?
It is a very simple way to enable your game to use mods. The download is relatively small (max 155mb for the latest version). These types of "Mod Activators" usually contain a built in soundmod (replacement of the game's terrible stock sounds), and some other small and "essential" mods, just so you can get a little "mod for your trouble". Examples of these are expanded lists of countries, new decal systems, new QMB systems, wide-screen support, ect. Some of these are built in to the ModAct, others are activated by user choice. Any further additional mods have to be added by the user, manually, requiring a little more technical knowledge of computers in general, and the game specifically. However, even just in it's base-form, a modact such as the SAS series 3.0x Modacts, will, on it's own, probably make a bigger impact in the way your game looks, sounds, and feels, than all 1946's official patches combined.


What is Dark Blue World (DBW) ?
Dark Blue World (DBW) Is a pack built exclusively for offline players. It is built on top of UltraPack 3. An existing UP3 install is thus required before a player can install and start using DBW. It is a joint project by the SAS and UP, although future builds of DBW will include content from many other packs and groups.


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